Round Peacock Pewter Figurine

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Round Peacock Pewter Figurine
        • This regal Peacock figurine is an exquisitely detailed box. Opens to reveal a storage compartment that's been completely finished in a glossy enamel.
        • 3 inches in diameter. 3 inches in height.This treasure has been meticulously hand enameled by skilled artisans and set with Swarovski Crystals.
        • Arrives in a padded, satin lined, presentation box with a manufacturer's certificate of authenticity. (click on thumbnail images to view)
        • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our Collection adds the definitive touch to any gift-giving occasion. Also, these items have been issued in limited editions, so each piece will become a valuable keepsake to its owner, for years to come.
    • The peacock, or male peafowl, is known in many lands as one of the most beautiful and exotic of all birds. Its train of long, shiny blue, green, and brown tail feathers can reach lengths of up to six feet. Its chest feathers startle the eye with their unusual, metallic shade of blue. Originally native to India, Sri Lanka, and Java, the bird is now found in zoos and gardens throughout the world. Traders brought this magnificent bird to the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea during ancient times. The ancient Romans adopted the bird as a symbol of the immortality bestowed upon the empress after her death. The early Christians in their turn viewed the peacock as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ as well as the immortality of his followers.

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