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Burled Rosewood Tazo Tea Bundle - Includes 40 Tazo Tea Bags

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  • Measures 13.8" wide, by 4" deep, by 4.3" tall. This oblong, hinged Tea Box has been designed to save space on your dining table due to its narrow but long footprint. Offers a wide selection of tea in a compact shape!
  • No veneer or MDF! Elegant tea box is fashioned from 100% Rosewood. Each box is a natural work of art, with gorgeous burled grain.
  • Delivered with 40 TAZO Tea Bags in the following 10 flavors: China Green Tips Green Tea, Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea, Awake Black Tea, Refresh Herbal Mint, , Ginger Green Tea, Early Grey, Herbal Passion Tea, Zen Herbal Tea, Calm Chamomile Tea and Organic Chai Tea.
  • Tazo Tea is the most popular tea in the United States because of its quality and rich blending. Capable of holding up to 60 tea bags.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

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