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Magnolia Flowers Tazo Tea Box - Includes 40 Tazo Tea Bags

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    • Exquisitely set with a dozen sparkling, Swarovski Crystals! Each unique treasure has been hand painted in the USA by skilled artisans.
    • Measures: 7" wide, by 6" deep, by 3.5" tall. This Tea Box is perfect for small tables: won't take up much space, but offers a wide sampling of tea with an elegant presentation!
    • Delivered with 20 TAZO Tea Bags in the following 10 flavors: China Green Tips Green Tea, Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea, Awake Black Tea, Refresh Herbal Mint, Ginger Green Tea, Early Grey, Herbal Passion Tea, Zen Herbal Tea, Calm Chamomile Tea and Organic Chai Tea.
    • Tazo Tea is the most popular tea in the United States because of its quality and rich blending. These teas offer a fine, fresh flavor.
    • Stocked at Amazon's warehouse for quick delivery. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call us for more info. (310)498-9695

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